The Best Hospital Management System in Bangladesh

Are you experiencing any idea how quickly healthcare technology is progressing? From patient admission to billing to laboratory management to a blood bank and ambulance, everything is currently being operated automatically by hospital management software! It’s time for you personally to organize for the digital automation of one’s hospital/clinic/diagnostic center and bid farewell to the hassle of manual paperwork. 

In regards to developing hospital management software, first thing that concerns your brain is really a large investment in hardware setup, human resources, and the pain to keep the physical server, right? 

What if you’re able to transform your hospital right into a Smart Hospital without spending a lot of money? Great, isn’t it? Here, we provide you with the most effective hospital management system in Bangladesh – Smart Hospital, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).  

Modules and Top features of Our Online Hospital Management System

Patient Management

The in-patient management module lets you keep and manage all patient information e.g. Name, age, blood group, disease, and address. Also, you are able to manage bed availability, prescription, consultation, and other lab and medical reports automatically rather than handling a great deal of paperwork manually.

Physician Management

This module includes the average person profiles of physicians appointed by your hospital and their consultation time, availability, appointment, fees, and many more. You may also be able to consider each time a physician checks in/out in your hospital, exactly how many patients they consult, and the length of time they consult. You can even refer your patients to several types of doctors and medical specialists based on the health conditions. 

IPD/OPD Management

For IPD and OPD management, Smart Hospital is merely the most effective solution. We’ve designed and developed the IPD/OPD management module for simplicity for both a medical facility authorities and the patients.


Each time a patient consults a physician, an e-prescription will soon be generated automatically which is provided for the pharmacy. No hard copy will soon be needed generally, but when it will, the e-prescription could be printed out.

Laboratory Management

The laboratory management system automates the test result and sends it to the doctor. Each time a patient has a test, they don’t need to hold back for the result.

Pharmacy Management

The pharmacy management system can be an agile system to keep an eye on medicines, expiry dates, batch-wise pricing, and rack locations. Our pharmacy management system combines tens of thousands of medicine lists needed on a day to day basis. Also, this module can help you track daily income-expense and profit-loss data and lets you see daily, weekly, or monthly reports for further analysis. 

Blood Bank Management

Managing blood types of a certain blood group is frequently painful and troublesome. Our blood bank management system can help you keep your patient blood groups and manage or check the accessibility to different blood groups from your own hospital’s blood bank.

Billing Management

This really is where automation makes play. Paying bills in numerous departments like doctor visits, tests, pharmacies, and an ambulance is really a hassle. We designed and developed our bodies for patients to simply help them pay their total bills instantly. So, as it pertains to patient treatment, billing shouldn’t be considered a hassle. Feel free to offer your patients, their much-needed treatment and take the bills when you discharge them.

Hospital Finance Management

Most of the financial transactions could be more automated now with the Smart Hospital app. A healthcare facility finance management system can help you keep an eye on your cash flows, daily bank transactions, expenditures, and other transactions with only a unitary dashboard. You are able to manage department-wise cash-in details and the ledger groups defined by users with this particular next-level integration.

Ambulance Management

It’s not just you, however your clients and patients who may also be benefited out of this exclusive module in case there is emergencies. Your patients will have the ability to call an ambulance just by logging into your hospital system.

HR Management

Finally, it concerns the main the main hospital management procedure. The human resource management system has become simplified in an intelligent way! Keep records of your employees, including their names, codes, designations, salaries, and departments with this particular module. Custom the salary settings according to your company policy.

Also, keep an eye on their overtime, check-in, check-out, and additional with only one dashboard. The leave management system can also be simplified with this particular AI-powered system.  

More Integrated Features & Modules

Core Hospital

  • Hospitalization
  • Paediatric
  • Gynecology
  • Medicines
  • Insurance
  • Vaccination
  • OT Booking
  • Ophthalmology
  • Odontology
  • Treatments
  • Surgery
  • Nursing
  • Appointment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Certificate
  • Services
  • Waiting Screen
  • MR
  • Stock
  • Dashboard

Administration & Management

  • SmartBoard
  • Front Office
  • Dashboards
  • Help Desk
  • Video Call
  • CMS
  • Lunch
  • Recruitment
  • Announcements
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Attendances
  • Projects
  • Timesheet
  • Payroll
  • CRM
  • Website
  • SMS Marketing
  • eLearning
  • Live Chat
  • Inventory