Best gaming laptop brands

Gaming laptops are the mobile version of gaming desktops. Nowadays most people do not want to do all the computing when attached to big desktops. A laptop will make you feel free to do most of your computing works in a workplace of your choice regardless of where you are. When you have a gaming laptop, you can enjoy gaming anywhere you want. While traveling, in your office, at the house or even at the park. Compared to desktops, gaming laptops are more efficient in that they are easily portable. There are a variety of gaming laptop brands to choose from when purchasing a gaming laptop. They are listed below and this will help you make the very best buy.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop Brands 2019

Laptop NameDisplayRAMStorageCheck Price
(Editor Choice)
17.3-inch 16 GB1TB HDD Check Price
#02.GIGABYTE P5717.3-inch 16 GB256GB SSD 1TB HDD Check Price
#03.ACER PREDATOR 17 17.3-inch 16 GB256GB SSD 1TB HDD Check Price
#04.CUK HP OMEN 17 17.3-inch 16 GB128GB SSD 1TB HDD Check Price

#01 Pick: ALIENWARE AW17R4

It is one of the best gaming laptop brands. It has a durable anodized aluminum shell to protect the LCD and other internal devices. ALIENWARE 17 R4 has 4th Gen Intel Core processors, NVIDIA graphics plus it’s sleek in design for it has angled front and sidewalls.


It is made for performance with the rear GPU/CPU exhaust to vent out the heat generated inside the system. ALIENWARE 17 R4 has features like an Intel i7 processor which is fast than any other computer. ALIENWARE 17 R4 has an 8GB DDR3l, SDRAM TB hard drive and an RAM of 16 GB.

It also has a 17.3-inch screen and a windows 7 home premium. Its design is chassis sleek and spaceship inspired with a weight of 8.3 pounds. Its display is sharp with color and brightness that’s eye comfortable

  • It’s good processor enables multitasking. You can both play video games and watch HD movies.
  • ALIENWARE 17 R4 is very affordable and easy to upgrade
  • It’s a high-end quality product therefore very durable.
  • It has windows 10 that increases the fluency of work and also provides smooth functioning.
  • ALIENWARE 17 R4 expensive and not affordable to many users.
  • The trackpad and keypad need to be upgraded to make them easier to use.
  • It has low battery life.

#02 Pick: GIGABYTE P57

This is one of the best gaming laptop brands. It has a 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processor for better performance. GIGABYTE is fitted with GTX970M graphics to help you unleash your soul for gaming. It also has a full HD wide-view display and a deep rich vision. Its HDMI2.0 makes have a higher frame rate and high potential too.


GIGABYTE has an anti-ghost backlit keyboard, with this you will never miss an action. Ghosting is experienced when too many keys are pressed at once on a keyboard thus stopping some keys from registering to cause a wrong action to be executed. Backlit keys enable gamers to play even while in the dark to execute actions and commands with much ease and comfort.

The DDR4 for breaking the data limits is also installed on this gaming laptop. The DDR4 runs at a speed of 2133MHz allowing games to run faster and smoother. It also has greater storage with a maximum of 16GB per stick. DDR4 will give you superior performance while gaming.

It also installed with swappable ODD/HDD slots. To give more choices and opportunities for gamers. Its USB3 is type C an upgraded for convenience. it also has a fan tweak installed to enhance its customized stability. To make things better it has an XSplit game caster for you to cast your games in any place wherever you may be.
  • GIGABYTE P57 has a powerful performance.
  • Its memory options can be upgraded
  • GIGABYTE P57 has noisy fans
  • It has a cheap feeling on the trackpad and keyboard

#03 Pick: ACER PREDATOR 17

It is a good gaming laptop brands for this is a full HD gaming notebook and contains windows10. It has a GDDR5 VRAM of 8GB, 32GB of DDR4 MEMORY, 512GB SSD in raided configuration plus 1TB SATA hard drive. it has a premium quality high-performance sound system with four built-in stereo speakers and a sub-woofer.


It also has fitted in microphones, digital card reader. ACER PREDATOR has a thrilling design with its bold highlights, confident angles, and its dynamic geometry. It has full-throttle acceleration this makes you dominate your gaming competition sung an unleashed and uncompromised processor. ACER PREDATOR sincere i7 is flexible and powerful.

It also has breathtaking details. With its 17. Inch Full HD widescreen IPS display and a 16.9 cinematic format. You can use it to play games or watch movies in consistent and clear color from every angle.

It also has a good cooling system in that it expels heat better than other gaming laptop brands. it outperforms other gaming laptop brands in the market.

  • It is built with the high-end quality material making it last long.
  • ACER PREDATOR has excellent performance.
  • It has a great cooling system.
  • It has a great price for a GTX1070 laptop.
  • ACER PREDATOR has unbalanced RGB levels and grayscale inadequacies
  • It has a poor speaker placement.

#04 Pick: CUK HP OMEN 17

it is found at reasonable prices and has a 4K display making it a good gaming laptop brand. It is fitted with a powerful inter-core processor and NVIDIA GTX graphics. A quad-core processor, which has a 6Mb cache. Its RAM is of 16GB, a hard drive of 521 GB plus a 1TB hard disk drive.


It is also fitted with an optical drive for windows 10 operating systems. It has an NVIDIA G-sync technology on some models for optional 4k displays. This gaming machine is built for greatness in that it will improve your skills to dominate in games. It has a sleek profile and dragon red-lit keyboards.

It has a long battery life with up to 9 hours a day with a spare charge. With this, there’s no need to worry about a power blackout or power shortages it also has a powerful audio system. It’s fitted with two audio HP speakers. And a Hp audio boost, for clear, crispy bold and vibrant dimensions in your entertainment. It has accessible components for the RAM and hard drive space.

It is also packed with ports to connect displays, printers and other devices with much ease this makes this brand one of the best gaming laptop brands. Choose this brand for excellent gaming moments
  • CUK HP OMEN 17 has a sleek design
  • It has a strong gaming performance.
  • It VR ready
  • CUK HP OMEN 17 has a vibrant 4k display.
  • It has a good battery life.
  • CUK HP OMEN 17 gets hot really fast.
  • It can be very noisy
  • Compared to other gaming laptop brands, it has less display brightness.

Best Performance Gaming Laptop Brands 2019

Laptop NameDisplayRAMStorageCheck Price
#05.MICROSOFT SURFACE 13.5-inch 8 GB128 GB HDD Check Price
#06.Asus ROG Strix
(Editor Choice)
17.3-inch 16 GB256GB SSD 1TB Check Price
#07.LENOVO LEGION 15.6-inch 16 GB256GB SSD 2TB Check Price


It features the 6th gen Intel corei7 processors, A NVIDIA GeForce GPU with an 8 GB memory card. It also has an 8 8Gb DDR3 and a hard drive of 128GB. It’s fitted with an integrated card description. It also as two USB 3.0 ports. It’s versatile is ultimate in that it’s a high-performance laptop it will great the most out of your surface.


It is ultra-thin and crafted with a 13.5-inch pixel sense touch screen display. it has a surface pen to mark up presentations or sign documents or even take notes and among many other things. SURFACE BOOK is also windowed 10 enabled with an operating system. It has a 2.1GHz core M family processor. It has a battery life that can last up to 12 hours of video playback.

This makes it to be effective because one will not need to worry about power supply shortages. It will keep ion check even when travel or in far places where you can’t access the power supply.

It also comes with a type cover board. It’s very portable and weighs about 3.48 pounds, making it one of the best gaming laptop brands.

  • it is good looking and well-constructed
  • SURFACE BOOK is very light as a tablet
  • it has a beautiful screen
  • The pen input works very well.
  • Its keyboard is very comfortable.
  • SURFACE BOOK has durable battery life.
  • It has lots of configurations to choose from
  • For a tablet, it has a short battery life
  • It is quite pricey
  • When compared to other flagship laptops I is a bit heavy than all.
  • When in the laptop mode the screen tends to wobble a bit.

#06 Pick: Asus ROG Strix GL702VM

This is a very portable device with NVIDIA GTX graphics in it. Making one of the best gaming laptop brands. It has a 17.3-inch screen, an FHD G-SYNC display, and a core i7 processor. The GL702VM comes with an AC adapter, an e-manual for users and warranty too. This is the lightest gaming laptop.

Asus ROG Strix GL702VM
Asus ROG Strix GL702VM

It has a sleek design making it very portable. Asus ROG fits snugly in a backpack, therefore, you can easily game anywhere, at a café, in the park at the train station, etc. for it measures around 0.94 inches and weighs less than 6llbs. It also has a 16GB RAM the latest standard in memory. With this, you enjoy speed, capacity, and low power consumption.

It also has a wide view panel fitted with G-SYNC making it to effectively utilize a 15-inch FHD panel. The NVIDIA G-SYNC synchronizes the display technology to enable smooth gaming. This also eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lags. Its battery life lasts to 5 hours.

Best Gaming Laptop – Asus ROG

This brand will give you performance like no other in that it is installed with the latest hardware, giving you efficient and powerful performances for heavy gaming or multitasking such as video editing and live streaming. It also has a thermal design with hyper cooling duo cooper systems and a dual-fan to cool both the CPU and GPU. It also has a UBS type C port to give you easier device connections and fast 10Gps data transfer speeds.

For more immersive gaming experience hook up the GL702 to a larger display via the mini display ports. Its tactile keyboard is specially designed witty a chiclet gaming keyboard which has red backlit scissors keys.

it also has WASD, therefore, you know where to place our hands. Its microphones are able to filter out any noise making it effective to run even in places and entrainments with a loud noise.
  • Asus ROG has a rapid gaming performance of 1080p
  • Its physical design is smart and appealing
  • It has a solid screen and keyboard
  • Asus ROG has an average battery life
  • It has middling specification
  • It has a little headroom for VR and future gaming

#07 Pick: LENOVO LEGION Y520

This gaming laptop brand have an aluminum body and an optional red-backlit keyboard which is 1.7mm. it has two 2W Harman Kardon speakers with a Dolby audio premium. It also has an option of 128GB PCle SSD storage or 1TBHDD storage. It’s fitted with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti and also two 8GB DDR RAM. It has no optical drive.


It has a backlit keyboard to enable the users to use the laptop even in the dark. it is also fitted with an integrated HD webcam, 2w speakers and a Harman audio processing system for that good quality filtered sound even when in noisy environments. It also has a media card reader. It’s fitted with a 7th generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-core processor.

It has a 15.6 inch LED full HD display with anti-glare and 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics. The Y520is a well-built brand. It’s a sturdy machine with a distinctive appearance. The lid features are rectangular in the pattern have subtle muscle lines at the front edge to make it have an angular design. It’s a thin and fairly light laptop which gives it a plus for a 15.6-inch gaming machine. It’s over an inch thick and weighs around 5.53 pounds making it portable for a gaming machine.

  • It has a high gaming performance.
  • LENOVO LEGION Y520 has a spacious disk drive.
  • It is a stylish design
  • It has a well-built keyboard
  • LENOVO LEGION Y520 has a touchpad design.
  • The red accent coloring may not be everyone’s favorite

Cheapest Gaming Laptop Brands Under $1000

Laptop NameDisplayRAMStorageView at amazon
#08.MSI GL62M 7RD
(Editor Choice)
15.6-inch 16 GB1TB HDD Check Price
#09.RAZER BLADE STEALTH12.5-inch 8 GB128GB SSD Check Price
#10.DELL INSPIRON 15 755915.6-inch 8 GB256GB SSD Check Price

#08 Pick: MSI GL62M 7RD

It is one of the cheapest gadgets in the gaming world. MSI GL62M 7RD comes in a 15.6 Inches screen and it’s full HD. It has a windows 10 operating system, a max screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. MSI GL62M 7RD has NVIDIA graphic cards and a RAM of 16GB. Its memory is expandable and can be upgraded up to 64GB.


Its special features are a cooler boost steel series keyboard and a Nahimic audio enhancer offering a virtual 7.1 surround sound in HD did you know that it’s also fitted with cooler boosters for enhanced cooling for the VR level gaming.

It also has a customizable steel series keyboard for professional gamers’ needs. It has better responsive and tactile feedback, a WASD zone and also support for multi-key inputs. This enables gamers to have full command while gaming.

It’s fitted with a 7th generation Intel core i7 processor to give better gaming performance. This processor uses a power efficient micro-architecture process to and advanced process technologies and optimizes silicon so as give quicker performances over the latter generations.

With this gaming laptop brands, you also get to experience IPS color lever. It also has a wide 94% wide view panel to deliver high-quality color range giving clear viewing from either side of the screen.

  • It has a matte display
  • MSI GL62M has full HD resolution
  • It has a high system performance
  • MSI GL62M does not heat up
  • It is very affordable.
  • it has a poor battery run time
  • MSI GL62M has low contrast display with narrow viewing angles.
  • It only has a 2GB VRAM


It is a gadget made by gamers for gamers and the best gaming laptop brands. Razer aims at creating products that will tilt the competition in favor of the consumer. Each and every process from the drawing board to the last stage; each step is controlled with the passion for all gamers to win. It has a 12.5-inch QHD display which is saturated with color and also touches enabled.


Its images are bright and visible. For any manner of work, editing content sharing or even presentation, the razor was made for amazing clarity. It is very portable and makes it look like an ultrabook with its 0.52-inch thickness.

Its battery life lasts up to 8 hours keeping you powered up all day. It also has a 12.5-inch touch display making you experience its amazing colorwork.

In performance, it stands out in that it processor gives the razor blade stealth power and turbo to boost its speed. It’s filled with a razor chrome keyboard with over 16.8 million colors per key hence one has a variety of colors to choose from.
  • It has a vibrant 4k touch display
  • Its razor-thin profile makes it cool
  • There no mushy mouse buttons
  • The Intel kaby lake processor has high class-leading performance.
  • It is sleek and has a solid construction
  • It has a low battery life for an ultraportable device
  • RAZER BLADE a shallow key travel
  • It is pricey

#10 Pick: DELL INSPIRON 15 7559

This is a Dell premium notebook that is optimized for productivity and gaming purposes can be used to multitask. It has 6th Gen Intel i5 quad-core processors to give gamers all the power they need to enjoy gaming and entertainment. You could steal use it to stream and re-stream videos.

it has an SSD i.e. the solid-state drive to which has numerous benefits like, improved performance by faster reboots times and applications are launched faster to access documents.


It is also durable in that it will protect all the files. It also has a longer battery life and lowers consumptions by SSDs and HDDs. DELL INSPIRON 15 is also quieter, lighter and cooler than other hard drives, it’s the best for surfing a gaming or any other work. It has a thermal cooling design to handle high performance for the processors and graphics. Thus, it keeps things cool and keeps you very entertained it is full farmed with FHD.

DELL INSPIRON 15 has a thermal cooling design to handle the high performing processors and graphics. It has two cooling fans and three exhaust and large vents working together so as you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming, cool streaming while your system and palm stay cool. DELL INSPIRON 15 is rich in media. It’s fully framed so you get the best of front screen experience.

DELL INSPIRON 15 for Gaming

It also lights up your gaming for the backlit keyboard will let you enjoy computer gaming even at night. The precision touchpad will give you responsive and accurate gesture support. This gaming laptop is portable. DELL INSPIRON 15 lean, light and ready to be carried or packed to go wherever you may need it.

It has a long battery life of over 10hours. This will let you enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. It has a window10 operating system, a memory of 8GB, a hard drive of 256GB; it is also installed with a card reader. All these features make it a good gaming laptop brands.
  • It has excellent gaming performance
  • DELL INSPIRON has a good full HD display
  • It is fitted with a nice keyboard
  • It is slow to boot and launch applications
  • DELL INSPIRON has a plastic construction
  • It is heavy to carry
Consumers have given very many gaming reviews regarding the gaming laptop brands in the market. They have given reviews on what they like about their best gaming laptop brands, what they would like to see changed and even the features they dislike in this gadget. This s has led to stiff completion among the brands where each brand wants to maintain the biggest market share of the consumers. This s has led to the invention of improved new brands by the brands thus enabling the consumer to enjoy a variety of top-notch brands in the market. With evolution technology each and every day, consumers can be assured of better brands in the future


With so many gaming laptop brands in the market, consumers are now empowered with information on what kind of gaming devices they would like for their leisure. When armed with information about the qualities, components of various brands it will be easier to make the best buy. Gaming is slowing trending as a past time activity and there is a need for gaming lovers to acquire a gaming laptop brand that will not restrict them to where and when they should use them.

Gaming laptops are easy to carry and are light in weight. Therefor gaming lovers are given a chance to enhance their skills, whenever and wherever. We also see that gaming laptop brands are now engaging in healthy completion as they ensure that their brands remain to be the best gaming laptop brands in the market.

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