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Various Workout Combination: 9 different resistance bands offer more ways to exercise–Hip resistance bands,Arm training pull rope, comprehensive training elastic band. Ideal for yoga, Pilates, resistance training, strength training, physical therapy, postpartum recovery, injury rehabilitation. Instruction manual contains practice methods for resistance band, it is suitable for beginnerof yoga ane gmy.
High Elasticity Resistance Bands: Pink:120~260lb,purple≥ 260lb.Sturdy and shape your glutes, legs, created “peach hips” and shape your legs line.Different resistance levels build intensity as you get stronger, so you can burn maximum fat and carve out lean muscles, which are suitable for a wide range of workout intensities, resistance training, high intensity interval training.
5 Levels of Ring Resistance Band:The bands are made of 100% natural latex & free of TPE. GREEN–5LB, BLUE–15LB,YELLOW–20LB, RED–30LB,BLACK–40LB.These are ideal for increased strength and mobility. and can be seamlessly integrated with all popular exercise programs including Yoga, Pilates.It is suitable for squats, strengthening leg muscles, knee thrust, and strength training for walking sideways. Comes with a storage bag for easy storage.
Elastic Bands: Measures 59″ length, 5.9″ wide(Purple).This is a tension belt used for warm-up, TPE material, good elasticity, non-slip comfort, uniform thickness and uniform force. Allows you to stretch quickly before exercise, promote blood circulation and wake up your muscles. It is also a good assistant for yoga.
Arm Workout Pull Rope: Measures 47.2″ length.This type of pull rope mainly trains the muscles of the big arm. It can strengthen the strength of the biceps, deltoid muscles, brachial flexors and pectoralis muscles according to online tutorials. Good choice for beginners who want to entering the gym in advance.Unisex.


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