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paramed blood pressure monitorparamed blood pressure monitor

Stay Healthy & Make The Most Of Your Days With Reliable Blood Pressure Measurements!

Why do you need a Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed?

It is a classic instrument for measuring blood pressure, which will provide the most accurate readings of upper and lower pressure.

It can be used for both individual and professional use. The manual blood pressure cuff is more accurate than the automatic blood pressure monitor, although it requires certain skills to use.

Why choose Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed?

Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed is made from quality materials for people who value accuracy. It is widely used in medical institutions, and if there is sufficient operating experience – at home.

Please note that there is no stethoscope in this model.


The long universal cuff 22-42cm (9-16 inch)

The contoured durable Standard D-ring cuff

Clip for a cuff to attach the gauge to the cuff

High-quality velcro closure

Zinc alloy manometer

Nylon bag in the set

Latex Free

FDA approved

cuff bpcuff bp

Comfortable cuff

Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed has a comfortable cuff 22-42 cm long. This means that people of any stature can measure pressure without problems. The cuff is designed for daily use and multiple measurements.

blood pressure monitor caseblood pressure monitor case

Convenient to take with you

Comes with a special case for storing and carrying the device. This allows you to take the device on a trip, in a car and wherever you may need a manual blood pressure cuff.

Clip for a cuffClip for a cuff

Clip for a cuff

There is a special D-ring on the cuff that helps fix the pressure gauge. This will allow you to place it closer to your eyes to see the exact figures.

blood pressure cuffblood pressure cuff

Quality materials

The pressure gauge of our device is made of high quality zinc alloy. And the velcro fastener perfectly fixes, does not unfasten at the maximum mode of air injection. Therefore, the device will serve you for a long time.

cuff bpcuff bp

blood pressure monitor caseblood pressure monitor case

Clip for a cuffClip for a cuff

blood pressure cuffblood pressure cuff

hepoallergenic paramed

hepoallergenic paramed

Standard D-Ring Cuff

Standard D-Ring Cuff

fda approved paramed product

fda approved paramed product


Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed does not contain latex. This is great news for allergy sufferers with latex intolerance and people prone to exposure to other allergens.

Universal D-Ring Cuff

A D-ring cuff is a cuff in which the user passes through one end of the cuff through a metal ring and then attaches it to the arm. Cuff adjustment is easily done using this stainless steel ring.

Accuracy confirmed

The accuracy of the Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff by Paramed is confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Keep track of your blood pressure: universal cuff (size 22-42cm) that is made of extra durable nylon, comfortable velcro strip that allows for easy one hand self measuring at home to balance your bp
Get reliable results: equipped with a prestige metal air needle valve with a smooth pressure relief regulation and a large, easily readable number dial. Clinically tested and approved
Take your blood pressure kit anywhere: neatly packed in carrying case that will keep your blood pressure cuff set intact during all your travels, this lightweight kit is handheld and portable
Boasting a premium quality: zinc alloy body, a non stop manometer mechanism and an improved, supercharger check valve with reticulated filter that prevents dust from clogging the device!


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