Nuubu Detox Foot Patches Reviews: Do Foot Patches Really Work?

Do You Know Your Body

May Be Full of Toxins?

Toxin buildup can cause:

  • Brain Fog
  • Irritability
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress Induced Muscle Aches
  • Inability to Concentrate
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • And Many More Problems

Improve your body and mind with an all-natural Japanese solution!

  • Traditional Wisdom: Nuubu was inspired by Centuries-old traditional Asian knowledge, passed on by generations. True trust is earned by passing a test of time. Nuubu is made of natural herbs and herbal extracts. Forget about harmful, toxic chemicals and embrace the soothing power of nature!
  • Detox Through Sweat: Nuubu is a revolutionary detox foot patch that can greatly increase your sense of wellbeing. Nuubu supports the way the body removes toxins from the sweat glands.
  • Holistic approach: State the cause, not the symptoms. Your body contains toxins that can make you unhealthy and cause stress. Sweat Detox and Vitamin Infused Nuubu can help strengthen your body, mind and spirit! *

100% natural ingredients and their high performance

loquat leaves

Antiseptic ingredients absorb odors and release a pleasant smell.

Bamboo Vinegar

It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, promotes digestion, eliminates odors and promotes bowl and mouth health.

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vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant that promotes immunity. Chain

Antimicrobial solution, no smell, moisture, metabolic waste absorbed in pores.


Another effort and kidneys of minerals are valuable as the improvement of decryption.

Anion (anion powder)

Restore the PHIC phase has the air of healthy and harmony oxygen through the blood flow.

Heuttuynia Cordata Thunb.

AdvutvantiTIAN, obesity, lady, antibiotics and antibiotics.


Fiber medicine has been used as a total support for the other. Natural detoxification of the body:

very well

New ways to improve your life

  • Secrets to a stress-free life

Tiredness? depression? Am I tired? you’re not alone. Our way of life is the taxation of our body and mind. Headaches, lack of sleep and depression are all bad aspects of our lives today. Active ingredients that are found in the Nuubu foot patch are known for their ability to remove accumulating harmful elements from your body, which can greatly improve your sense of wellbeing!*

  • Traditional Medicine gets Modern Upgrade

According to Japanese traditional knowledge, the human body has over 360 acupuncture points, with more than 60 points found on the soles of the foot. Nuubu combines tried-and-true Asian techniques with a sleek and modern approach – attach the herbal-remedy based patches to your feet and wait a few hours for the toxin removal through your sweat glands. It has never been that easy!

  • Natural Approach

Are you tired of hazardous man-made chemicals being used in every aspect of your life? There is a better way to harmonize your lifestyle! Nuubu foot patches are made using completely natural and eco-friendly herbs similar to ones found in the remote East-Asian mountainsides. Forget the harmful toxicity and side effects!

How to Use

Toxic Elements Accumulate in Your Feet. Nuubu Foot Patch helps get rid of it!

Step 1:

Place the altar in the middle of your foot. The eyes of the patch should touch your skin.


Step 2:

Apply a second area on the other foot or on another part of the body where you want to eliminate toxins.


Step 3:

Leave the altar for 6 to 88 hours. It is recommended to use the altar before going to bed. Step 4:

Remove the area after 6-8 hours of use. Wash your feet and enjoy your health!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the Nubu Detox patch work?

A: Nubu is an area which when applied to the skin causes sweating in the area covered by the area. By doing this, Nuubu can support the way the body removes toxins from the sweat glands.


Q: Is Nuubu reliable?

A: Nuubu is developed by Japanese experts with always expertise. The ingredients used in Nuubu have been tested for generations to provide the best medicine against toxin production.


Q: How do I know if Nuubu is working?

A: Nubu promotes sweating, and research evidence shows that sweating can help reduce some of the toxins in the body. Nubu patches are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. When sweating, this content is transpiration, the color of the patch will change. Therefore, when the user transpires when the user uses Subu, the color of the patches is the dark after use.


Q: Do I need to use the date?

A: Good results from the Renaissance should be some goals. But you can use freely using problems that feel the need! Your health is not limited.

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Customer Reviews


Lina María Vivas.

The terms of programs help eliminate toxins have increased in my body. I am so happy to improve!

Gustavo Rodrigues.

I support our products to re-do our strength and many.

Doris Montiel

I accept the best feet to rid of the danger of our body in simple and natural values ​​and amazing values ​​and results.

Realo Sebastian

The product is very good, I usually use it because it uses it.

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